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Who We Are

Discover Leadership Training boldly provides the most impactive, sustainable, and challenging leadership development solutions for the world. We enthusiastically inspire each member of the team to create a better version of their self and accept personal responsibility for their team’s success. We are on your team.

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Lloyd Taylor Team #187 Dover, DE

This class saved my life.

Heather Hall Team #186 Naples, FL

This is just the beginning.

Tracy Bryant Team #209 Augusta, GA

Never give up.  Be the wind!

Stacey Cavedo Team #215 Powhatan, VA

Most amazing experience!  I can’t wait to apply what I have learned to my daily life!  Thank you for helping me love myself!

Jacob Alan Hill Team #203 Montgomery, TX

Live in the moment.  Thrive in the chaos.

Jason Jamison Team #186 Seattle, WA

Only when you are in the moment, will you enjoy the moment.


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Thought of the Day

There are no impossibilities in this world. They only exist in the conversation you are having with yourself. Every limit, obstacle, roadblock, discouragement, or defeat only exists based on how YOU choose to define the moment. What is this moment to YOU, defeat or one step closer to your victory? You choose.

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