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Get It “RIGHT” the First Time
Have you ever wondered why there is never enough time to get it right the first time, yet there is always time to do it again? In this webinar, Mike Jones give you 4 easy steps to making sure you get it right the first time every time. Also, by asking yourself the 5 questions below, you will notice how getting it right the first time will benefit you.

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Answer these questions for yourself:
1. How much time and money will I save by doing “IT” “RIGHT” the first time?
2. How much frustration will I avoid by doing “IT” “RIGHT” the first time?
3. How will I benefit from doing “IT” “RIGHT” the first time?
4. How will my team benefit from doing “IT” “RIGHT” the first time?
5. How will my customers benefit from me doing “IT” “RIGHT” the first time?


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Mike Jones

President of Discover Leadership Training

As the President and Master Trainer of Discover Leadership Training, Mike Jones is a Game Changer who lives his life committed to make a positive difference for this world. Mike Jones realized something early in life: he didn’t think like other people. He had radical ideas about positive outcomes, personal growth and becoming one of the 3% who really change things. After completing the Continental Airlines Pilot Development Program, Mike became a helicopter pilot for the Houston Police Department. While at the HPD Helicopter Division, Mike created a youth program called Soul Patrol. This program taught teens the value of transforming negatives into positives. Soul Patrol was so successful it was featured on NBC Nightly News, Good Morning America and Oprah. The program was also endorsed by Presidents George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

Today, Mike and his Discover Leadership Training team use these same principles to create deeply transformational team building experiences for individuals and organizations worldwide.

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