Most people wait for there to be a problem in their relationship before they see the need to work on the relationship. That means the focus is now on fixing something that is broken.  We believe when you work on a relationship even when things are going great, it will lead to a partnership that is destined to succeed.

The Couples Heart of a Samurai Program will help you understand yourself better and teach you ways to change your approach to change your results in your relationship with your partner. The outcome of the Program is to develop the most supportive, effectively communicative, passionate, positive, intimate relationship ever.

You will be crystal clear after this experience that you do not need to make others wrong to prove that you are right and if you continue to wait for your partner to change in order for the relationship to change, the future of the relationship is predictable. As much as this Program develops the couple, it particularly improves the relationship the individual has with her/himself.


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