Playing Small

    By Mike Jones |

    We hear it all the time; one of the biggest regrets most people have on their
    death bed is the fact they were afraid to go for their biggest dreams. The dream
    to start that business, get that degree, write that book, go for that promotion, ask
    that person out, buy that home, or go on that trip.

    So many people make the choice to play small in their lives as they are overcome
    by a multitude of fears; afraid to venture too far from their comfort zone and too
    afraid of looking bad if they fail.

    Have you ever fallen down and then quickly got up and looked around to see if
    any one saw you? Most people are so afraid of falling down, they avoid going into
    uncharted waters or doing things that may potentially make them look bad.

    Many of you have some big dreams you’ve held on to for years. Things you say
    you really, really, really want: a successful business or career, an incredible
    intimate relationship, great health, a new home, write a book, get a degree or go
    for that advanced degree. However, if it requires you to take a risk and you could
    possibly fall down and look bad or lose, you choose not to go for the things you
    really want, which are those big dreams.

    I have recognized that most people would rather look good and lose, than risk
    looking bad and win. Unfortunately, most people would consider it a loss if
    someone saw them fall down or look bad.

    If you have Big Dreams and choose to Play Small, you will produce small results.
    When you are playing small, you are generally risk averse, which means you may
    feel the cost of taking the risk outweighs the benefits, or the threat of failure
    outweighs the potential of success. Therefore, you remain stuck and do nothing
    or you Play Small because it is too risky.

    When you play to win and you have the courage to go for what you want, you are
    not risking failure, you are risking success. I have said many times, if you risk
    nothing, you are risking EVERYTHING.

    If you play to win and make the choice to get out of your comfort zone, you WILL occasionally fall down, and you may look bad at times.

    The question is, why would you be more concerned about what others may think or say about you than winning and going for the things you really want in life?

    Playing Small means looking for an easy way to get to your outcome, generally
    that is someone else’s “Best Practice”. Looking for “Best Practices” for some
    appears to be the smart thing to do; however, I am of the opinion it is simply
    playing it safe or playing not to lose.

    If you successfully take someone else’s wins and replicate their success, it does
    not mean you fulfilled your dream.

    Going for your dreams will afford you an opportunity to play to win. Playing to
    win will allow you to create the NEXT Practice. When you play to win you will
    invent a NEW future, understanding that in order to play at this level, failure must
    be an option.

    Look at all of the people in history that have won big. What you will become
    aware of is that winners lose more often than losers lose.

    There is no dishonor in failing, the dishonor is in quitting or never going for what
    you really, really, really want.

    If you choose to play small, it means that you are just existing, which in essence
    means you are on the sidelines watching the game, commentating how others are
    playing, complaining about how the game is being played and how it is negatively
    affecting you.

    Playing to win comes with an understanding that the only way to affect the score
    is to get in the game. In order to make life happen because of you, in order to
    make your dreams come true, you will need to wake up and take some risks.

    When you take risk focused on a positive outcome, you will fall down a few
    times… SO what?

    Playing Small means waiting for someone to open a door for you. This is a “Go Big
    or Go Home” conversation. If you are waiting for someone to open the door for
    you, you are playing the role of a victim and if they never do, you have someone
    to blame. Where’s the benefit in that?

    Playing to win means to Just do WIT (Whatever it Takes) to open the door for
    yourself and if there is no door, create one NOW. If what you say you want is
    behind that door, what are you waiting for?

    You do not lack anything in this moment to take the next step to best your best,
    get to your next level or play to win.

    You may not have ALL of the answers right now and you may not have ALL of the
    needed resources in this present moment. However, you have what you have.
    Take whatever step is available to you right now. When you do, you will have a
    new perspective of your dreams and your desired outcome, and your next step in
    the journey will be revealed to you. If while taking these steps, you happen to fall,
    who cares? Get back up, dust yourself off, and get right back in the game. That is
    the only place you can affect the score on the scoreboard.

    Let’s Go!!!!!!


    1. Gerald says:

      It has been 10 months since attending Discover Leadersip that is when I committed my self to get out of my COMFORT zone. I have fell down a few times get back up and try again. I have achieved so many things in my personal and professional life.
      What are you WAITING for! Push yourself!

    2. Tim Moore says:

      Play Full Out doing WIT (Whatever It Takes) to Achieve all of your Dreams/Goals

    3. Daniel Panduro says:

      The universe is speaking to me and is certainly conspiring for my success. Let’s doe this! Thank you Mike for this powerful message! Love you brother.


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