How to install the Periscope App on your iPhone

   Step 1: Go to your “Apple App Store” and click on the “Search” tab








   Step 2: Search for “Periscope” in the search section and click on the “GET” button once the Periscope Icon to download the app.








The following steps are on how to search and WATCH LIVE STREAMING and PREVIOUS RECORDINGS from Discover Leadership Training. (if you do not have a Twitter Account, you can use your phone number to create your own Periscope Account)

Screenshot_2015-08-18-09-01-38   After you have downloaded the Periscope App and you have opened the App, click on the “Following on Twitter” icon at the top menu








Screenshot_2015-08-18-09-01-51    Click on the “Search” icon at the bottom right side of your screen








Screenshot_2015-08-18-09-02-21    Do a search for “Discover Leadership Training” in the search section and click on Discover Leadership Training








Screenshot_2015-08-18-09-02-28 Be sure the tab at the bottom displays “Following” and now you can watch live streaming of Discover Leadership Training

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