• Steve Grimshaw – Caliber Collision Centers

    “Caliber Collision chose Discover Leadership Training to help us write the next chapter in excellence. Immediately, we experienced Discover Leadership Training’s impact in creating a team of Game Changers who maximized their personal potential and transformed into a motivated, positive, responsible Team Caliber. The benefits have translated into increased sales and profit, fewer turnover, and higher customer satisfaction. Without a doubt, Discover Leadership Training is a key player in helping us attain our success.”

  • Chris Pohanka – Pohanka Collision Centers

    “Pohanka Collision Centers has grown to 10 locations and has been successful for the past 20 years because we know that being a Game Changer means always trending forward. As a partner, Discover Leadership Training has given us tools that enhance our core foundation and make us an Outcome-Focused, Benefit-Driven company with an even Higher Performing Team.”

  • Rick Wood – Cooks Collision

    “Cooks Collision’s history of excellence, service, performance, quality and success was brought to the Next Level when we partnered with Discover Leadership Training. Through their dynamic leadership programs and facilitated strategy sessions we have an even more positive business culture where employees own their area of responsibility. We have witnessed individual employees transform into members of a more engaged team, employee retention has improved, and we have realized an increase in profit. Discover Leadership Training has been the Game Changer that has helped us become a more outcome-focused, benefit driven company.”

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