• Burn The Bridge

    By Mike Jones |

    In 1519, Hernán Cortés, a Spanish conquistador, famously ordered burning the boats as his troops prepared for the seemingly impossible conquest of the Aztec Empire.  What he knew was that having a Plan B or a back-up plan would prevent his troops from having laser focus and an absolute commitment to the outcome they were moving toward.

    When I decided to leave the Houston Police Helicopter Division twenty years ago and start Discover Leadership Training, I completely burned the bridge with HPD.  Flying helicopters for the HPD was my childhood dream. When I decided to move on, I was more in love with flying helicopters for the Police Department than I was the first day I stepped into the Helicopter Division.  I was told during my exit interview most Police Officers that leave the department before retirement almost always came back.

    Despite my deep love for flying, I knew I had an even greater calling to serve my society than working for the HPD.  I created my vision for DLT and made a commitment to only move forward.  I burned every bridge that led back to the Police Department.

    Let me be clear, those first couple of years of forming Discover Leadership Training from the ground up was tough, however there was never a consideration of retreating.

    Leaving the bridge intact in your professional and personal life might seem like a great strategy just in case things don’t work out. However, if that is your attitude, you are demonstrating a lack of commitment to where you are going, a lack of belief that you will get there and a lack of confidence in yourself.

    To not Burn the Bridge means you are focused on everything that could possibly go wrong as you move forward taking steps in fear and apprehension.

    Burning the Bridge means you believe that success is imminent. It means that you realize that failure must be an option, because when you take the risk of venturing out of your comfort zone you will fall down a few times.  Burning the Bridge means you understand that falling down after taking a risk to go for what you want is a gift of authentication. You must realize that failure is not fatal. You may lose a few battles, however it does not mean you will lose the war.

    My coaching to you would be to constantly move towards creating a better life for yourself personally or professionally.  Most of you will not cross a bridge until there is some pain to run away from. Waiting until something is wrong or broken verses focusing on your next level is running from pain, instead of running to gain.

    I am encouraging you to find a bridge in your professional, academic, personal or financial situations and cross that bridge deliberately focused on a positive outcome. An outcome that improves your business, or makes you a better team member, or one that advances your knowledge and pushes you out of your comfort zone is an outcome worthy of burning bridges.

    I encourage you to choose to cross a bridge that takes you to a more positive place in every one of your relationships.

    Here are my top 5 reasons why you should Burn the Bridge:

    1. The bridge will create a distraction that will lessen your chance of greater success
    2. You will move forward and create new possibilities
    3. You will “Hold Nothing Back” in your relationships
    4. You will reinvent yourself to be a more positive person
    5. You will accomplish something you have never done before

    “Not Over”

    What bridges will you burn today and how will you and those around you benefit from you doing so? Please give me your feed-forward in the comment section below!

  • Annual BBQ Event

    By Discover Leadership Training |

    Once again, our Annual Appreciation BBQ was a smashing success! We enjoyed seeing many graduates, friends, and family at Running Cougar Ranch on Saturday, October 22nd. Thank you for coming out to celebrate with us and we appreciate the volunteers who donated their time and helped make this such a great experience for all who attended.

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  • Building Power and Influence Webinar

    By Discover Leadership Training |


    Don’t miss your chance to attend another impactful webinar hosted by Mike Jones, President of Discover Leadership Training as he discusses the topic, “Building Power & Influence”. If you are ready to go next level, this is the perfect webinar for you to attend. This webinar will take place on December 15, 2015 at 1 p.m. Central Time. If you haven’t registered already, take action now and click the following link. Limited seating is available and registration is FREE.

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  • Giving Thanks this Thanksgiving

    By Discover Leadership Training |


    The Thanksgiving Holiday is a time for families to reunite, have great meals, and to give thanks to those that have made a difference. Discover Leadership Training would like to take the opportunity to give thanks to all the nominators that have given the gift of our training to their nominees throughout the years, all the Givers Gain attendees who have continued to volunteer for our programs, and even the family members who have supported their loved ones during each program. With all of you, we continue to help those who attend our programs awaken their untapped potential and focus on the powerful outcomes they set. We love hearing the stories from our attendees as to how they have become a better spouse, parent, employee and business owner and we are glad to have been a part of the process. Thank you for putting your trust in us and we are always on your team.

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  • Black Friday is around the Corner!

    By Discover Leadership Training |


    Thanksgiving is right around the corner and you know what that means!  Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are headed our way and we are about to get some sweet deals.  This year, Discover Leadership Training will offer sweet deals of its own for those who have been wanting to create a better version of themselves or their teams.

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  • I Can’t Afford It

    By Discover Leadership Training |


    Many of us, if asked, would say that “anything is possible”, however, when we are faced with something that we do not have the full capacity or resources for, we often resign to a belief that we can’t have that thing or we settle for something less than what we really, really wanted.

    Now, I know “anything is possible” was taught to you; however, if you  authentically believed it, you would never say “I Can’t Afford It”.

    In my book, Unreasonable Possibilities I talk about how much the  conversation that we are having with ourselves leads to our behaviors  because your energy and actions will follow your thoughts and as a  “human doing”, you behave in accordance to what you authentically  believe to be true. READ MORE…


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  • Constable May Walker Scholarship Golf Tournament

    By Discover Leadership Training |


    Discover Leadership Training show that Givers Gain

    On Saturday, September 26th, Discover Leadership Team members joined Constable May Walker and Harris County Precinct 7 at the Wildcat Golf Course in Houston, Texas to be a part of the 2015 Constable May Walker Scholarship Golf Tournament helps raise money for students in the Houston area. The event was a huge success that companies from all over the Houston area attended to show their support. Givers Really Do Gain!

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  • Webinar “Get It RIGHT the First Time”

    By Discover Leadership Training |


    If you missed last week’s webinar, you now have the ability to view it on our website. On Tuesday, September 22nd at 1p.m., Mike Jones, President of Discover Leadership Training gave a Live Webinar where he discussed the topic of Getting It RIGHT the First Time and shared the benefits made possible for you and your company. He also provided key questions to ask yourself during any situation to make sure you get it right the first time, every time. Watch it now!

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  • Watch Us Live!!!

    By Discover Leadership Training |


    Discover Leadership Training is Broadcasting Live on Periscope!!

    Master Graduate Leadership Program – Live Broadcasts
    Have a significant other who will be attending one of our upcoming programs? Discover Leadership Training will now be doing Live Broadcasts during their training so you can feel closer to them throughout the course of the four days. Using the Periscope App, you will have a behind the scenes look at some of the staff members while they prepare meals and the attendees while they take breaks.

    Mornings with Mike
    There is now a new way to see Mike Jones deliver a positive message! With the new Periscope App, Mike Jones is now doing LIVE BROADCASTS every morning at 8:30 am Central Time. This allows him to broadcast from any location in the world, so even if he is traveling or you’re traveling; you can take Mike Jones with you.

    If you haven’t downloaded the Periscope App or would like to know more on how the app works, click here (link) to read more information on how to download it and on how Discover Leadership Training will use it.

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  • Receive Positive Podcasts everyday

    By Discover Leadership Training |


    Now you can hear positive messages every day and listen to them anywhere you are. Discover Leadership Training will be uploading podcasts of Mornings with Mike each weekday, Mondays with Mike every week, and our quarterly Webinars. This is a great way to take positive messages with you anywhere you go and listen to them anytime of the day.

    Click here to visit the Podcast webpage!

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