Girls Will Change The World

    By Mike Jones |

    I believe that you have to be absolutely insane if you truly believe that girls are going to change the world. If you approach the imminent change that is going to occur with your sane mind, you will be an individual that will be fighting a losing battle. I am inviting you to become insane in the context of this conversation, however, I further invite you to not wait for this change to occur, but to deliberately drive it, welcome it and embrace that change.

    As women begin to further close the gender gap in economics, education, politics, health and breakthrough glass ceilings and limitations placed on them by men in positions of power, you will become aware that the true insanity is in the sanity.  The sanity, or normal thinking, would say that men are superior, stronger, smarter, the head of the house. When I am pointed to the source of these beliefs, my awareness is who the author is.  Just like when I am told that I should drink more milk because it builds stronger bones and does a body good, all I need to do is check the author to figure out who is pushing the message and whether there is any bias.

    One day my 9-year stepdaughter Sophia came downstairs with a t-shirt on that said, “Girls will Change the World” and my mind immediately started churning. Why is there a need for women to fight for equality? Who are they fighting against? Whose permission do they need for that equality to be a reality? Why do those individuals have that power? What is the keeper of this power and permission afraid of?

    Girls are indeed changing the world and it is a change that is long over-due, and it is occurring too slowly. The reality that we are experiencing needs to switch from “changing” to “changed” the world. As long as there is an “ing” the change remains a “someday” conversation. It is time for that change to occur today.

    We don’t need a presidential edict or laws from some legislative body to make this change happen. We do not need a miracle from a supernatural being. We do not need to sign-off on some check list that says X, Y and Z need to be done first. This is simply a matter of doing the right thing.

    Many of us grew up learning and embracing the “Golden Rule” which says, “Treat me the way you want to be treated”. I am not sure how healthy that is because I have no idea how you want to be treated. I can tell you in my 30-year career of working with and coaching human beings, I would not like to be treated the way some folks want to be treated.

    As we make a stronger commitment to do the right thing and eliminate the gender gap, I believe we should embrace the “Platinum Rule”, “Treat me the way I want to be treated”.

    It is time for us to stop pontificating about this change. It is time for us to stop making excuses. It is time for us to lose “wait”, delaying change based on a false need to do things the “right” way. Clearly it is possible to do the wrong thing right because it is what we have done and continue to do as we:

    • Wait for the Right time
    • Wait for the Right resources
    • Wait for the Right person
    • Wait for the Right reason
    • Wait for the Right process

    As we wait, a persistent global gap continues to exist. In fact, 36% of U.S. companies have zero women on their board of directors. In Canada, women have only 5.7% of the CEO positions; however, evidence has revealed that gender mixed leadership teams actually produce higher profits.

    According to one study that compared similar sized businesses, those companies with women on their boards outperformed those with all-male boards by 26%.

    Men believe themselves to be good providers; well our best role model of an excellent provider is a woman.

    A woman provided you:

    • with your first home
    • with your first meal
    • your first unconditional love
    • your first nurturing relationship
    • your first hug
    • your first kiss
    • your first safe place

    Now it is time we provide women with a fair opportunity to a level playing field without a glass ceiling or other limitations and excuses. The world will be a better place as a result.

    Regardless of your position, title, GENDER, education level, or socio-economic status, what will you do today to bridge the gap?

    Please give me your feed-forward in the comment section below!


    1. Venessa Di Vito says:

      This IS one smokin’ HOT article. Thanks for continuously sharing such powerful messages in your blogs.

    2. Robbie (a woman!) says:

      LOVED THIS! I just printed it and will ask my 14 year old daughter Samantha to read it too!

      I changed the world!

    3. Claudia Morgillo says:

      Living it, believe it, changing it! As a Female Leader I can only start to change my companies and teammates minds of this enviable fast approaching world Mindset change! We will be ahead of the curve and by doing so be the leaders of our industry, with all the best talent because of our incredible company culture! I will of course encourage everyone else to do the same but can’t force them to see the new true coming there way!

    4. Mike Snyder says:

      Smoking Hot Shit MJ!

    5. DREW says:

      all the great support systems in my life have all be GIRLS… I’ve learned that I can only go so far on my own, however with a powerful support system I AM a GAME CHANGER!

    6. Dave Luehr says:

      Unbelievable insight Mike Jones! This article is “spot on” and also caused me to really evaluate my own perspective about the women in my life. Thank you Mike Jones, I love you man!

    7. Tim Moore says:

      I have said for over 30 years that this country needs a woman president. We will truly then be the best. Smokin Hot Article Mike.

    8. Mike Jones says:

      Thank you Dave


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