The only way to receive Discover Leadership Training is to be nominated. You can’t just show up. So if you’ve been nominated, someone who graduated from one of our personal development programs thinks you could benefit from it as well. No, it doesn’t mean that something’s wrong with you—being nominated is an honor they want to share with you.

What should you do now?

  • Talk to your nominator to understand the benefits they’ve received from the training.
  • Read the book Unreasonable Possibilities by our founder Mike Jones
  • Use the website to get more information
    • Testimonials
    • Class description & information
    • Class schedule (online or downloadable PDF)

Accept your call from a Discover Leadership Training Sales Associate and the associate will:

  • Discuss benefits of the training
  • Answer ALL your questions
  • Tell you what to expect
  • Discuss available class dates and costs
  • Confirm your enrollment

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